Welcome to the Metagenomics and Plant-Microbe Interactions group from the Institute of Biology Leiden (Leiden University)

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The best part of finishing your PhD: thesis printed! The cover is based on a lithograph ‘hidden potential’ that I made together with @Economendagboek. We also made an artwork which we cut in small pieces to add to the thesis. This was fun ๐Ÿ™‚
1 month left until the public defence

MIBiG v3.0 is now online at https://mibig.secondarymetabolites.org/, thanks to the hard work of @BDragonMaster, @kaiblin and amazing contributions by >80 awesome scientists worldwide! V3 adds 668 entries, >900 structures linked to @NatProdAtlas, >1000 bioactivities and >2000 domain substrates.

Super excited to share our recently published review article on โ€œ#Integrative #omics approaches for #biosynthetic #pathway #discovery in #plantsโ€ @NatProdReports Great teamwork and excellent supervision from @jjjvanderhooft @s_vanwees @marnixmedema

Soil Microbiomes and One Health. Our review in @NatureRevMicro is out.

We demonstrate that soils are a cornerstone of one health. We list over 40 soil microbiome functions that contribute to soil, plant, animal and human health. @sbanerjee2018


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