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What Darwin couldn’t see…

Expedition to uncover invisible life in Galápagos

Giant daisy trees and their microbiome >>>
#biodiversity #evolution @VivianeCordovez @VCarryOn1 @Rivasecologyecu

New paper out! Massive experimental work to show how root exudates mediate plant interspecific interactions w/ implications for #microbial-mediated #soil #suppressiveness @Khasheee @MPlantPCom @PSUPlantScience @PSUmBiome @huckinstitutes @agsciences https://www.cell.com/molecular-plant/fulltext/S1674-2052(23)00073-4

Good news ! The MicroTRIAS project reached the “stage of grant agreement preparation” 🙂 The microbes will be sweating at @InfoUMA hosted by @VCarryOn1

🌿 Estos días se ha celebrado en Nerja la “Reunión del Grupo Especializado en Microbiología MiP´23”, un evento organizado por investigadores del IHSM La Mayora en el que han participado científicos de diferentes departamentos de nuestro centro

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